Tools'n methods

Quality is not about testing. It is about process.

A couple of tools and methods

Struktureret Program Udvikling
(Structured Program Development)

A practical guide to project management with case stories, checklists and best practices. SPU aims at providing reliable ETAs whilst being somewhat adaptive. 


An ISO standard for judging the maturity level of software development processes. SPICE refines the CMM maturity levels further and adds to that the business perspective and the dimension of process categories. 


A tool for judging the maturity level of software development processes. CMM and ISO9001 are similar, but CMM is a superset. CMM identifies five levels of maturity as outlined below.


Dynamic Systems Development Method

A RADical way of getting something done on time! DSDM fixes time and resources whilst adapting functionality. DSDM takes a visual approach to specs and focus is on breaking projects down into smaller projects. 



NASA Software Engineering Laboratory has published a set of recommended methods for achieving quality and predictability in software development projects.

Function Points

A way to measure the amount of functions in the logic model of a piece of software. This is used to estimate.  


No single authoritative resource on COCOMO exists on the web, so the link brings you to Googles. COCOMO operates with several modes or types of projects and tries to estimate based on that.


Extreme Programming

Another way of saying use cases, decoupled systems and RAD. XP uses Pair Programming to move focus away from heavy specs. XP is adaptive but non predictive.



A commercial staged delivery like methology with an accompanying set of commercially available tools.


An interpretation ISO9001 originally conceived by DTI, CSSA and the BCS in 1991 for companies in the software development business.



A mind set for collaboration towards a common goal, be it software or something else. Has its roots in the early sixties, where D. Engelbart began publishing his thoughts on collaboration. Seems rather theoretical.


Many other methods exist out there. Every university seems to have their own version of ISO 9001.