Another World

Decide for yourself where you want to go.

Wanna play something else ? Try Linux

Red Hat Linux asks one or two questions and then installs in less than 20 minutes. It runs extremely well on a 32Meg 133MHz 80486.

Need superpowers? Checkout the BeoWulf project.
Webserving? Apache works on Linux and Windows.
What about server side scripting? PHP works with Apache.
Java server pages? Servlets? Check Jakarta.
Databasedriven website? mySQL works with Apache and PHP. mySQL provides a rudimentary set of SQL features. PostgreSQL is much more capable. Interbase is both capable and mature.
Thin client? Run X under windows, et voila. There's X in RedHat.
Want free MS compatible office package? Goto Sun, look for StarOffice.
Need to run Win32 apps? Take a look at Wine.
Want Windows like GUI? Gnome has it.
Need windows compatible disk serving and print serving? Do the Samba.
What about Java? Here's all about it!
Free application server? Look for Enhydra. Well, not entirely free anymore.
Linux also has ASP. Check Chilisoft.
J2EE is available as JBoss.